About David Howe

October 7, 2008

His Royal Highness Prince David of Mann only recently discovered he was descended from royal blood. Not only is he a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of England, but he also discovered he is a direct descendant of Thomas II, the last King of the Isle of Mann. Through historical ambiguity, Prince David, who goes by the name David Drew Howe, found that he had an actual claim to the title of King of the Isle of Mann. After a series of events that included sending a notice to “The London Gazette,” outlining his intention to claim the title of King of the Isle of Mann, David Howe was officially crowned the de jure King of the Isle of Mann in March 2007.

HRH Prince David does, however, understand his title is in name only and uses it with good intention. Not only does David Drew Howe use his royal title to promote trade and tourism in the Isle of Mann, but he also promotes his own charitable interests, including several Malawi-focused charities benefitting children, as well as UNICEF, World Vision, and Samaritan’s Purse.

Currently, HRH Prince David resides in Maryland, where he enjoys everyday activities such as walking, mountain biking, swimming, going to the movies, and practicing yoga. He also has an affinity for automobiles and is interested in auto racing and auto technology. Additionally, David Drew Howe has taken a deep interest in his genealogy and participates in the North American Manx Association, the Greater Washington DC Area Manx Society, and the Clan MacLeod Society.

Prior to claiming his royal title, David Howe earned his Masters of Business Administration from Columbia Southern University.